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Purpose. Everybody is searching for purpose in their lives. Life without purpose is not life, it’s survival.
People often ask me; “How do I find my purpose?” This is the answer: Embark on the journey of self discovery.
Spend time with yourself just like you would with anyone you want to get to know better.
Find your authentic self. Your intuition will guide you. That which feels right in your gut & heart is who you are, that which causes tightness & discomfort is not.
That which lights you up & feeds your soul is the key to your purpose.
Most importantly, that which has always made you different is your gift, given to you to give to the world.
When your purpose is clear, you can overcome any obstacle as you will understand that the obstacles placed on your path, if overcome & learned from, are there to strengthen you, your understanding of yourself, and develop the skills you need to use your gift wisely.
Have you discovered your purpose yet?

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